Thursday, April 9, 2015


My son Jackson, like his three brothers before him, was a master at pulling off his socks, resulting in cold feet wherever we went and far too many lost pairs. Winter came around and I had a plan. I created Baby Undersocks as the perfect undergarment for baby’s lower half in chilly weather, to prevent cold, sockless feet and legs. I tried the first pair on Jackson, and not only did they work, but he actually loved wearing them.

Baby Undersocks was the just the start. Smart Sheep Dryer Balls (the number 1 fabric softener on Amazon) simplify and green your laundry chores by cutting down drying time, softening and fluffing fabric, and reducing static without the use of chemical-filled dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners. They last for over 1,000 loads and will save you both time and money. Smart Sheep dryer balls are made in Nepal and packaged by work-at-home moms in Utah.

Other products include wool balls for pets, and an innovative toy car ramp (the Tot Tube) and an exiting new family party game (Double Ditto).

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